Thursday, August 16, 2018

Re - TIRE - ment

Wonder why the tire is capitalized? Because my newly retired husband Doc is growing one. He loves to eat, and since he is now retired, he cooks himself some grand concoctions. For example, the other day he had french toast with butter, peanut butter, banana, cinnamon and Nutella on top. Then he added a piece of chocolate mousse cake. I gagged when he told me. But he is walking and swimming - two things he never did as a working doctor. Also, the other day, I picked up one of his new T shirts to try on for some laughs. Behold:

I can hide inside it.

My, my. I really don't care if he is just chubby or even borderline fat. But if he gets cut out of the house fat, then we are singing a different tune.

Enough of him- back to me. Here's what I wore on August 9:

This is a dress by Susana Monaco that I got up in Burbank at the store where all the clothes from the TV shows and movies are sold. I got a bunch of stuff when we were up there for my 58th birthday.

I added my ivory waterfall cardi with the lace back since it was already out of the closet.

On Friday, August 10, I wore a silk dress that my neighbor gave me. It's from Charming Charlie.

I wore three necklaces with it - two long silver herringbone and a diamond pendant that was my mom's.

On my left arm, an Italian silver bracelet and my white sapphire duo from Italo jewelers.

On my left arm, a diamond/sapphire ring and a cubic zirconia bracelet.

On Monday, the 13th, I chaired my last meeting during this employee shortage. I wore a wool Celine skirt and a cold shoulder top from Saks Fifth avenue.

The top has beading around the neckline, so I wore a braided silver necklace with it - something simple.

On my right arm, my mom's engagement diamond and a pink moonstone bracelet.

On my left arm, the white sapphire eternity band alone, and a diamond tennis bracelet.

On Tuesday, I wore a long ignored dress. I don't know the brand. Underneath, a gold lurex tank from St John.

I like to wear a lot of different gemstones with this dress, since it has so many colors. I wore a short amethyst pendant, a medium citrine pendant, and a long faux emerald pendant.

Likewise, color on my arms - an amethyst ring, and two multi-gemstone bracelets on the left.

One of my mom's bracelets on the right, and an emerald/diamond ring.

Yesterday, I did not want to iron, so I wore some yoga pants and a Style and Co chiffon top.

I wore the St John tank again. Hope that's not too yucky. I also wore a costume matte gold necklace.

On my left arm, my yellow gold wedding rings and a stretchy crystal bracelet from Saks.

On my right arm, only my Hermes CDC.

Today, I wore a dress that I got in one of those Macy's last chance clearance sections - it was $7 and it took me forever to finally wear it, but I love it.

These blue crystal necklaces were a gift from my son and DIL for my birthday one year.

On my left arm, a very tarnished Brighton bracelet and the white sapphire solitaire from Italo.

On my right arm, a London Blue Topaz ring and two silver bracelets, one with a light blue topaz.

And i got my two cosmetic bags last week. First, Birchbox:

Here's what I got, from top to bottom:

1) Clarins Water Lip Stain - in 03 Red.
2) Vasnati Makeup Magnet wipes - Micellar water, which gets my makeup off the best
3) Avene Cleanance Expert - moisturizes and mattifies
4) Love of Color One and Done Shadow Stick in Champagne Problems
5) OUAI Wave Spray - I got my hair cut yesterday and used this to tousle it. It smells great.

Onto Ipsy. Here is what I got, again top to bottom:

1) Makeup For Ever Artist Color Pencil
2) Answer From Luminous Collagen Eye Cream
3) #inm heat - the Universe's Star Highlighter
4) Coola Golden Organic BB+ cream
5) The Black tea London Classic Serum

Whew. Another long recap. Stay tuned for more fun and games !!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Aloha Means Hello and Goodbye

One more week until I no longer have to do two jobs. One. More. Week. But now onto the Aloha part. On Sunday, our neighbors had their annual luau. This is what I wore:

This long satin muumuu came from one of those Target collaborations. I believe it was the Parker one from about 5 years ago.

Very pretty colors for a very hot day.

And you know that my hair must always follow the theme as well. I saw a Pinterest picture of a hairdo with a bird of paradise. Theirs was prettier, most likely because the model had more and better hair, but this worked.

Back to the first day of August. I wore one of my Calvin Klein cerulean outfits. I went into the store a few years back and bought about 5 items in that year's color, which was cerulean blue. They are all very nice pieces and I still like them.

On August 2, it was once again really hot. I wore a very old dress that is one of the most comfortable things I own.

I got this necklace in Kansas City when I went there - I think it was 2013.

On my left arm, a white sapphire eternity band and two gold/diamond dust bracelets.

On my right arm, a leather cuff with a mother of pearl ornament, my INC X ring, and a chalcedony ring that I got in Las Vegas.

By August 3, it had cooled down a bit, so I wore one of my Weekend Traffic dresses. That's a small company in Irvine that used to have great warehouse sales.

The hemline depicts the skyline of New York City. I have the same dress in black, but it has a Paris version of the print. The Eiffel Tower points directly up to the wrong place. But it's cute anyway.

The back of the waterfall cardi is all lace.

I haven't worn this necklace in a long time. It's rough cut agate with an amber heart pendant.

For Monday, August 6, I was so tired that I had to lay on my side. Jus' kiddin'. I couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture.

This awesome chiffon dress is from Bar III. I got it in Fort Lauderdale.

On August 7th, I wore a silk pirate top from INC that I also got in Las Vegas, but on a different trip (2016). The slacks are from Express, and since I haven't been in one of their stores for years, They must have come from a thrift shop.

They have a pretty cool brocade waistband.

I wore my mom's jade and lapis necklace.

Today, I had an early morning meeting. I wore another very old pair of pants. These are also from Express, but I bought them in the store before the year 2000. Seriously.

The sweater is Joseph A, a common brand in department stores. It is beige, black and white, and has black and clear bugle beads scattered about.

My cool faceted black plastic waterfall necklace for the win.

On my left arm, my yellow gold wedding rings and an Italian gold bracelet.

On my right arm, another Italian gold bracelet, a black/white diamond ring, and my INC X ring.

And that's all !!! Maybe something interesting will happen this week. See you all soon!!!