Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Big Old Bag of Wind

Not me !! Here in SoCal, we don't have hurricanes or tornadoes. We have earthquakes, but they are few and far between. What really bugs are the Santa Ana winds. They can be up to 50 mph, and do their fair share of damage. Last Monday, this was the scene at Casa de Holtzman:

We have an enormous pine tree that must be 100 feet tall. She shed a bit during the windstorm.

Yipes !! It took about an hour to clean the mess up and see the front lawn again.

This is what I wore that day, to come home to destruction:

I have no idea where this dress came from, but the tag says Beloved. I wore one of my favorite Barandi sweaters on top.

It is a nice thick scuba knit so it needs no ironing, and has Venice lace trim.

I haven't worn this necklace in a long time, but it does help cut down the girliness of the dress.

Left arm and right arm, nothing new to see, move along folks.

The next day, I had a meeting at a sister hospital. I wore this Michael Kors dress.

One of the ladies there was wearing the same dress. We should have taken a picture.

I wore a grey Style and Co waterfall cardigan on top.

My necklace is a faux triple tone metal deal.

Left and right arms, once again, nothing new.

On Wednesday, I wore an Ann Taylor sweater dress. The lump at my waistline is where I tied my tights in a knot, since the waistband was stretched out. I am nothing if I am not a class act.

On top, I wore this cool blazer with a Korean label. It's gray and purple pinstripe and has seed beads scattered everywhere.

On Thursday, I wore these pale pink Express slacks. The last time that I washed them, they ended up with some black smears on them, so I dried them and repeated the process. It got rid of the smears, but they shrunk in both width and length. So this time, I am line drying them and I stretched and pulled on them.

The paisley blouse is from Express also.

On Friday, I had another off site seminar, so I wore wool plaid slacks by Ideology and a tunic from Joseph A. I always get compliments on this tunic.

It has cold shoulders that you can't see.

This trio of costume necklaces are all from INC, and all purchased in Orlando.

I did a bit of cooking this week, too. First, sweet and sour meatballs with a rice timbale.

And then bacon wrapped scallops, rice a roni, and sauteed green beans. And bernaise sauce.

And that's about all, so now we link !!!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Some Style and Some Sadness

We last met on Monday, October 8. On Tuesday, this is what I wore to work:

This is an Albert Nipon suit. The light weight jacket has chiffon ruffle trim around the neckline and wrists. The skirt is layered chiffon.

Here is a look at the asymmetrical layers on the skirt. I wore a plain lavender sweater underneath.

Since I have severely curtailed my shopping since Labor Day 2017, I find that some of my shoes are actually wearing out !!! I had to toss 2 pair this week - they were too beat up to  donate. I also seem to have a problem paying my Nordstrom bill on time since I rarely go there anymore. Anyway, I got a very polite reminder last week that I owed them $31.12. So I went to the store to pay it. And guess what ? Of course, I found some shoes to replace one of the pair I tossed. They are a beautiful lavender/light blue suede and are Sam Edelman. And they were $13.99 !! 88% off !!

On Wednesday, I debuted my $3 JC Penney dress. It cost that little because of a flub with store offers that JCP so graciously rectified. It's scuba knit, with a print that "screams springtime" as one friend pointed out. It is a nice dress, I must say.

To counter the extreme femininity (not really my thing), I added a wide braided belt in cognac.

On top, a satin blazer from Emmanuel Ungaro. Such a gorgeous jacket, but apparently it bores me after all these years together.

On my left arm, my yellow gold wedding rings and a Black Hills bracelet with pearls that was a birthday gift from my mom years ago.

On my right arm, a coral bracelet from Maui Divers in Honolulu, and a multi gemstone cocktail ring.

Thursday was an entirely different story from the rest of the week. I wore this scuba and Venice lace dress from Jax that I bought from Saks a few years back. 

The trim is so pretty. But the lining was riding up all day, so I need to take a moment to tack it down. I guess that I will put a few X stitches at the hemline to hold the lining down.

 I wore my mom's KJL pendant with this dress. The black and clear crystals are perfect.

 On top, I wore my trusty black Escada blazer with the ribbed knit sleeves. Worth every penny, and that was a lot of pennies!! The reason I went all black was that I attended a celebration of life for an old friend and employee of mine, Cheryl. She was a beautiful, funny, talented lady and was unfortunately involved in a very severe accident 10 years ago. She had been in a vegetative state since then, and her poor body could no longer go on.

This picture shows Angie (Cheryl's sister) , me, Johnny, Cheryl, and Julie. RIP my dear darling.

I got some yellow roses for Angie, but there were so many flowers that she suggested that I take them home to enjoy. So I did.

The Celebration of Life was at Roger's Gardens, a local Newport Beach spot. It is serene and lovely.

The castle is their rotating holiday display. It has Halloween stuff right now, but I would like to go back at Christmas to see the glory.

Anyway, after that little bout of life stuff, back to work. On Friday, this is what I wore:

I went for total comfort in Express ponte pants and an animal print silk blouse from Nicola.

This blurry picture shows that I wore my black coral necklace and a long costume piece from INC. The shoes I am wearing also got tossed. Painful and not that cute.

On Saturday, I got both of my cosmetic bags. First, Birchbox:

Here's what I got, from top to bottom:
1) Air Repair Protect and Prevent Hydrating Serum
2) Winky Lux Strobing Balm Cream Highlighter in Radiant Pink. I really don't know what to do with this, since I don't aim to highlight many of the features on my face, but we will see.
3) Malin and Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer
4) Purlisse BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF 50- I will definitely use this. I wear BB or CC on the weekends when I don't do the full face, because of the SPF.
5) Davines MELU Hair Shield - I like this brand. You spray it on your hair before heat styling.

Let's move on to my Ipsy bag.

From top to bottom:
1) akar soothe face oil. It is all lower case on the label, so I complied.
2) Hey Honey Look Into MY eyes Retinol and Propolis Eye Mask
3) Aurora Intensively Precise Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso - NEED !
4) IBY Beauty Radiant Glow Highlighter in Prosecco - another experimental item.
5) Buxom lipgloss in Doll - looks like a pretty plum color.

Anyhow, that was my week. My grandson came by yesterday and we gave him a bunch of coins and stamps from Europe that we saved for him. He is a doll. Let's link !!,,,,,,,,,,,

See you all soon !!!