Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Most Horrible Time of the Year !!!

Please sing this just like the Christmas carol, "The Most Wonderful Time of The Year". I am about to go on a rant. I had my colonoscopy last Tuesday. It went well, but I was so terrified of the anesthesia that I was sobbing uncontrollably while awake, and the poor doctors kept asking me why my blood pressure was so high. Terror will do that to you. Even though my family is wrapped around the medical profession, I am so OVER the routine exams and testing. Not to mention the prep for the colonoscopy - the capacity of the human body never ceases to amaze me.

So this is what I wore for my liquid diet - I made it until 2PM, at which point I had to go home and finish the agony.

I got this designer-inspired Carole Little jacket at a charity shop while waiting for Doc in San Diego last week. The sparkly things are square silver studs.

This is a dress by Donna Morgan - the inset is satin, and it has a satin bow at the empire waist.

I wore my mom's jet and clear crystal KJL necklace. It was a perfect match.

I was not at work on Tuesday, obviously. I did an experiment, and I lost 6 pounds due to the testing prep. My abdomen was concave. My first meal was egg noodles with butter and Parmesan cheese. It was heaven. But nothing beats that first cup of water when you wake up.

So this is what I wore the next day, Wednesday:

This dress is from INC and I love it - it is perfect for those days when comfort is key.

I always wear garnets or rubies with this. My velvet belt from Talbot's was perfect. I could actually spin it around my waist. A few burritos later, I am back to fighting form.

The weekend was quiet. But one of my coworkers brought a king cake to work. If you get a baby in your piece, then you have to bring a Mexican dish on February 2. I am going to make chilaquiles, since I got a baby.

I had a couple of pieces of my mom's jewelry that had broken and needed to be repaired. I could not find the supplies at Hobby Lobby, but I did find them Michael's.

This Joan Rivers convertible piece needed a new strand of pearls.

This sweet costume bracelet was missing a few crystals. The color was hard to match, but I finally found some.

Back to work on Monday. This is what I wore on January 14:

This suede jacket is one of those washable numbers that were so popular at Nordstrom a long time ago. I have another suede jacket that is the same color, from Pamela McCoy, and I usually reach for that one, due to the cut. But I picked this one today, to see if I should keep it. Lo and behold, these super cool pants were hanging on the same hanger with it. More details below.

Underneath, I wore my trusty black cashmere turtleneck and a chiffon top that is meant for summer, but it worked in this getup.

I wore my purple Austrian crystals and a round diamond solitaire that is encircled by a gold bezel.

Shoot - I wish this picture had come out better. The pants have lace insets from the knees down, and the lining is hot pink.

So this week, it has been pouring rain in SoCal. We need it soooo bad, but with the fires of last year and several years of drought, there is lots of flooding and leaking roofs. Fortunately, not at Casa de Holtzman. This is what I wore on Tuesday;

This is a purple wool jacket from Saville that my MIL, Mimi, gave me. I wore it with plain black ponte slacks, a maroon turtleneck (that has shrunk so it's too short), and a polyester scarf print top.

I didn't have to iron any of these items, and that's more than okay with me. I wore two large light purple amethyst pendants.

Yesterday, it poured all day long. But that did me a chance to wear my two Christmas gifts to myself:

These are the famous pirate boots that I wore to my brother's Christmas dinner, only this time, uncuffed to that my legs were completely covered in leather.

I wore a Liz Claiborne dress with a pleated hem that is about 8" on the bottom of the shift. It has a low waist.

 Here's how the boots look cuffed. I was nice and warm and dry.

On top, the softest sweater ever!! It is a baseball style, from Fendi. I am a huge lover of logo wear.

Here's an outfit from last week that I forgot to include. It is tried and true.

This is a Gucci skirt that is sort of a tiny houndstooth. It has a gold tone horsebit and a strip of leather at the waist.

The jacket is St John Santana knit. It has flat silver studs all along the lapels and the pocket flaps. It also has gorgeous buttons. They are pearl with rhinestones all around. I need to take it to the tailor to get them secured - they weigh a lot, and the threads are stretching. 

Today, Doc is at work, so I don't have a photographer. But I am wearing another Donna Morgan dress that is a black and tan paisley with ruching. It's fully lined, and it's very flattering.

On top, my trusty Escada blazer. The body is fine wool, and the sleeves are ribbed knit.

Speaking of gifts, one of my friends gave me a belated Xmas gift:

Chocolates and cherry peppers!!! Doc loves the peppers - they are the Italian type that aren't super hot.

I also got myself something - when I rearranged the furniture a couple of weeks ago, it turned out that I had a few little pots with no plants in them.

So I got an anthurium, an aloe, a cactus and a succulent. I think it's adorable.

I also got my Ipsy bag :

From left to right:
1) Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation - I had used Chanel Les Beiges for a few years, then I cheaped out and got some L'Oreal. It's not the same. But I will try this one before I go back to my beloved Chanel.
2) The Balm Alternative Rock combination blush an shadow in Stevie Nickel - it can be used as either blush or shadow. I have used it as both. I like it better than the bright red cream one I have been using.
3) Hempz Lips Ultra Moisturizing Herbal Lip Balm
4) hola neon Long Lasting Matte lipgloss. We'll try this later. I just opened a new lipstick, so it will take me a while to get around to this.
5) Billion Dollar Brushes Blender - sooooo soft!!

And that's about all - tonight, I am going to the Board meeting at my rental condo - they are still stalling over fixing my floor that they damaged. I will be raging. It should be fun.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Figuring Out Logistics

Before I explain, let me show you a few things. First, our grandkids gave us a memory book for Christmas.

 Then, we had a big wind storm on New Year's Eve. We have a pine tree out front that is probably 100 feet tall, and this blew out of it :

I saved the nest to show my grandkids, but I couldn't help putting the glass bird that I got at Descanso Gardens in it for some fun.

So now for the stuff that I have doing around Casa de Holtzman. In the last post, I promised to show the pictures of all the odd jobs. First, we had out TV wall mounted, so I could get a big new black bookcase for Doc. We had two old ones that were way past their prime, and the new one holds all the books that were in them.

Doc found a matching set of Agatha Christie books - the set is called the hardcover series, and he found 19 volumes. They are unused, bound in black leather and have gold gilt lettering. They now occupy a place of honor on the top of the new bookcase.

Mounting the TV on the wall opened up about 1/4 of the living room.We have a very small house, so every inch counts. The TV used to sit on this black bench. It has now been moved under the pass through bar between the kitchen and dining room.

I also got a new light for the guest bathroom. The old one was shiny gold and it was installed with the bells upward, which I didn't like.  The new one is bronze, with bells down. Today, I touched up the nicked paint. The paint master at Lowe's was able to match the color perfectly. It looked lighter in the can, but he assured me that it would dry darker, and it did.

I had been struggling with keeping the oil rubbed bronze bathroom fixtures clean - our water is really hard and the deposits were crazy. So I had all the fixtures spray painted antique gold.

This shot gives a better idea of the wall color and the way the antique gold looks with the paint and tile.

Then I re-did the stained finishes on a lot of our wood furniture. Here is the antique sewing machine:

Here is Doc's childhood desk.

And our pirate style dining room set. Everything is all nice and shiny now!!

We got another gift - Doc's sister gave us an amaryllis bulb. She usually gives us one every year. I usually always planted them outside, but this one specified indoors, so I planted it and put it on the small bookcase under a front window.

The only outfit picture I have is from January 2nd. I will explain in a bit. Here is what I wore:

This striped dolman sleeve top had no label. Sometimes I cut them out if they are scratchy. It is a mesh type fabric. I wore it with red twill slacks from Liz Claiborne.

Once again, I wore three necklaces - two were garnet and one was a
Thor's hammer. I wore my black velvet belt from Talbot's.

On top, I wore my white boucle blazer from Graff. It has black stitching trim.

I only have one outfit picture because I was off for New Year's on Monday and Tuesday and then I was also off on Thursday. Doc got a new job and he had to go to corporate training in San Diego. I drove him down and spent the day there. First, I visited the cemetery where my parents are buried:

They are buried at Holy Cross Roman Catholic Cemetery near downtown San Diego.

As you can see, the place is pretty packed with graves. As you can also see, it was a beautiful day out.

Then I went up to Balboa Park. This is a huge park right near the zoo and downtown. When I lived in San Diego, I often went running there. My first stop was the rose garden, across the street near the Naval Hospital. This is a newer feature, but I haven't lived in San Diego for nearly 30 years, so it's surprising how much has remained the same.

Next to the rose garden is a nature walk, filled with cacti. This curly one was really unusual.

I walked around a little bit, then headed back over the street to the main part of the park.

The first attraction is the fountain that lies between the Museum of Natural History and the Reuben H Fleet Space Theater and Science Center.

I remember kids splashing in it when I was living there, but now there are big signs prohibiting that.

The main street that goes through the center of the park is called the Prado. This view is looking west.

This view is looking east, back toward the Space Theater.

The main fancy building is also called the Prado - they hold events there. The building is covered in elaborate Spanish carvings.

This is a look at the Natural History Museum from the front steps.

This botanical garden is called the Covered Garden. It's very pretty inside, but it was closed. I don't know if that was due to the government shutdown, since all the museums were open, or if that was because it is staffed by volunteers.

There is a huge lily pad pond out front. There are generally buskers out front. This day, it was a flamenco guitarist.

In front of the lily pad pond is a smaller garden of native California plants and flowers.

This is the San Diego Museum of Art. My mom and I went to many exhibitions there over the years.

This is the famous Old Globe Theater. It started with Shakespearean plays. Now it shows contemporary musicals. "Life After " will be running for a few months in 2019.

This is the Museum of Man. They always have very interesting exhibits.

The two current exhibits are "Living With Animals"  and "Could You Be a Cannibal".

This statue didn't photograph well because of the glare, but it is Kate Sessions. She was an avid horticulturalist and brought many species to San Diego at the turn of the last century.

There is a beautiful park named after her. It is up in Pacific Beach, about 15 minutes away, but I didn't have time to go there. It's one of my favorite spots - the view of the beach and Mission Bay is spectacular.

This open air venue is the Spreckels Theater - I have gone to many musicals such as Oklahoma and Seven Brides with my mom over the years. It is named after the sugar magnates. There was a very controversial murder at their Coronado Island mansion a few years ago.

This is a view of the side of the Railroad Museum and a few smaller rotating exhibits. Today, one was photographic arts.

At the west end of the park you cross the 163 freeway on the Cabrillo Bridge, built for the 1915 Panama- California Exhibition. It has a breathtaking view of downtown San Diego.

The park is adjacent to the zoo. As a teenager, we used to crawl through the paths - you could see the lions and other wild animals in their nighttime enclosures. One of my friends was married to a zookeeper.

Then I went east for a few minutes to the community called North Park. It had become quite decrepit as the suburbs grew, but has recently been revitalized. There are many refurbished Craftsman bungalows. My godmother lived in one of them. When I was in San Diego in 2015, I tried to find it, but it was too decrepit for me to recognize. But this time, I found it !!! It has been restored and repainted.

The hallmark of the house was the giant palm tree out front. In my childhood, it had a bench that encircled it. They also had a goldfish pond. I was glad to see it is still standing.

It looks great !! My godparents always kept a basket of toys, and I would zero in on that as soon as I got through the door. Now I always keep a basket for my grandkids, and they zoom right to it. I just bought some more toys for it this week.

Then I went down to San Diego Harbor and took a walk along the Embarcadero. It was absolutely beautiful - the recent winds have made the sky clear and bright. Actually, it is not nearly as smoggy as it was in the 70s. Now there is virtually no smog in California most days.

After that, Doc was finished with his training. I picked him up and drove him to his hotel. He needed to do his clinical training the next day. He will be working on Thursdays and Fridays for a local medical clinic. He took the train home on Friday night, which is why there is no Friday outfit picture. I will have to figure out the logistics of that going forward.
When I got home, Pandi was overjoyed, She is used to having one of us home most days. After receiving many kisses, I gave her a rawhide chew as the consolation prize. She enjoyed it.

Well, that was my week. This week, I am on a clear liquid diet on Monday, because I have a colonoscopy on Tuesday. I am dreading both days, but mostly I am terrified of the anesthesia. From Wednesday on, it will be a more normal week for me. I just hope that everything is okay. I have had quite the time lately, what with my rental condo getting flooded and the holidays, and all these medical appointments. Time for some peace and quiet, as far as I am concerned. So let's have good thoughts that this procedure will be the end. I will tell you all about the condo flood in the future - right now, it is not resolved until later this week. 

See you all later!!!