Friday, February 16, 2018

The Mystery Surrounding Pandora's Birth

Pandi is an adoptee, as are Kenni and Vinni. When we met, the veterinarian at the shelter confirmed that Pandi was 5 years old. They are mega-accurate when estimating a dog's age. I have tested them.
So today, I got a lovely video from the vet that celebrated Pandi's birthday. Okay, I adopted her on 4/12/17, so I just automatically went back 5 years and calculated her birthday as 4/12/12. But.......
she was picked up as a stray on 2/16/12, so she was around on 2/16/12, so I guess I will make an executive decision and make today her birthday and 4/12/12 our anniversary date. Mostly because today is my brother's 60th birthday, and how cool to share a birthday with my feisty but lovely Pandora. Here is what I wore to celebrate two birthdays (and get a passport, which is always some work due to the fact that I was not born in the US):

This is a silk blouse of 80's vintage that has a logo that looks like Liz Claiborne, but no label to prove it. It is 100% silk - that label is where I saw the logo.

On the bottom, my beloved and trusted black slacks from Fendi. The most perfect pair of slacks that I have ever owned. They are a black on black pattern that is just so subtle yet really makes them cool.

My black plastic waterfall necklace was soooooo worth the $4.99 or so I paid for it. I always get comments on it. It's definitely plastic.

And now a drumroll for the final item I got with my Nordstrom gift card for my birthday. I did well to get 4 items. I usually buy fragrance or devices like Clarisonic, but I have a bunch of devices. I get lazy about using them.

Pink satin ballet flats with studded ankle wrap straps by Kenneth Cole Reaction. Completely awesome due to the pink/black/stud combination. There was one pair, in my size, so I assume it was a return item, because it was deeply discounted.

Okay, so yesterday revolved around my trying to decide if this skirt is worth keeping. The pleated skirt and cardigan are both Loft. The cardigan is slinky knit, and the skirt is very stiff material. That's good because the pleats stand out and it is lined.

I was comfy all day, so I am keeping this outfit.

I had a lot of top choices. I picked a halter shoulder sequined tank from Love Match, because I love sparkle in any form.

On my left arm, a silver circle bracelet to echo the skirt, a Celtic wedding band, and a three stone ring, of which the center stone is pale lavender. I have to find out what it is someday - I think high quality crystals.

 On my right arm, two white gold bracelets. and a sapphire/diamond ring.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Funny Valentine

We don't celebrate V Day, and it's not because we are anti-mush or anything. It's just that our anniversary is 5 days before, so it's overkill. Anyway, I did wear red, so I get those points, right?

This skirt is really old, and it's by Bernardo. On top, i have a dolman sleeve tee made by Soprano that I got at Nordstrom with my birthday gift card.

As I spin toward the closet, you will see the big reveal!!

The tee has a lace up corset style detail that I wound red satin ribbon through. It came with a black self fabric sash.

I wore two necklaces, both garnet, and both given to me by my mom.

On my left arm, a garnet bracelet, a ruby/diamond band and a round solitaire.

On my right arm, a fire opal ring and a garnet/opal bracelet.

Yesterday, a whole different style. I also go this crushed velvet dress with my gift card, but I neglected to look at the label.

I wore my Carole Little blue velvet coat with the crocodile print on top - a perfect match!!

Here's a closeup of the twist detail at the empire waist of the dress.

My velvet choker from Nordstrom in Portland made another appearance. Today, my neck is about as long as a Canada goose's. I really stretched it up.

On my left arm, a studded black leather bracelet and a London Blue Topaz ring.

On my right arm, a sapphire/diamond ring and a costume bracelet.

Me February Birchbox came last night.

Here is what I got:
1) Number 4 L'eau de Mare Hydrating shampoo and conditioner
2) Marcelle Hydra-C Eye Contour Gel Cream
3) R + Co Park Ave Blow out Balm
4) The Beauty Crop Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner
5) Benefit BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Carnitas and the Little Piggie

We will start with my outfit today - and let's get this straight - for ONCE, I am not the little piggie.

This is a tunic from Joe Fresh that I got at Nordstrom with my birthday gift card.I got 4 items with my card, and I will show you as I wear them. The skirt is Alfani, from Macy's and the velvet belt is Ann Taylor.

The front of the top is solid knit, but the back is lace.

The skirt is navy, and has diagonal stitched and beaded stripes.

I wore two emerald necklaces with this outfit.

And since that wasn't gaudy enough for my taste, I added my LV lock pendant.

On my left arm, a small diamond tennis bracelet, and a diamond watch that I rediscovered as I was looking for my passport.

On my right arm, an emerald/diamond ring, a peridot bracelet, and an emerald Claddagh bracelet.

Friday was our wedding anniversary, so Doc got me more Stargazer lilies - my favorite.

My Ipsy bag came on Saturday - it's blush with black lace.

Here's what I got :
1) Klorane Dry Shampoo
2) Estate Dew Me highlighter powder
3) Bang beauty blush
4) Bubble Macaroon lip balm
5) Ofra lip gloss

On Saturday, I made a pork roast with noodles au gratin. On Sunday, I deboned the leftovers and made delicious carnitas. Pandi got the pork shoulder bone. Hence, the little piggie.

Gotta love the crazed expression.

After she had completely removed all the meat, it disappeared. I found it later in a wicker basket in my closet where I keep my turtlenecks. Either I wash them or I smell like pork roast - no executive level decision has been made yet.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

The Black Panther and the Green Goblin

On Thursday, I had a work commitment that required somber, restrained dressing:

I chose a plain black dress by Adrienne Vittadini. The only floofy part was the sequins that were embedded in horizontal seams all up and down the front of the dress. They were inset, so the sparkle was very muted and not at all flashy.

On top, I wore a gorgeously tailored jacket by Thierry Mugler. More details below.

I got my shoes in the TopShop pop-up section in Nordstrom.

Here is the back of the jacket - it even has an hourglass shape on the hanger. 

And the front - when zipped up, this jacket does marvelous things for your figure. It also has a high spandex content, so there's a double body shaping whammy.

This costume necklace has every metal tone you can think of, which makes it very versatile.

On my right arm, an onyx spaceship ring and two Austrian crystal bracelets.

On my right arm, a mother of pearl spaceship ring and a freshwater pearl bracelet.

For lunch, we had a pasta bar - for $5.50, you choose noodle (bowtie) meat (sausage) sauce (marinara) and two veggies ( mushrooms and artichoke hearts). You get a parmesan plank and some parmesan on top. Yum.

Today, the wearin' o' the green. This is a Dalia Collection cowl neck silk top and Iman Global Chic slinky pants.

On top, a velvet sporty jacket from XOXO.

As I stretch my chicken neck skyward, you can see my lapis necklace.

On my left arm, two stretchy bracelets and a sapphire ring.

On my right arm, a seraphanite bracelet and another sapphire ring.

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Have a great weekend!!!